metro welcomes mamosta sherzad hassan, dr. Mariwan Wriya Qani, Hiwa Qadir.

We were delighted to welcome the teacher Sherzad Hassan، Dr. Mariwan Wriya Qani، Hiwa Qadir، at the Metro Center.

The meeting was an important opportunity to expose the targets and messages of metro and familiarize them with the mechanics of surveillance، campaigning، and defense to expand the scope of freedom of press and expression، as well as the challenges facing the work of journalists in general، especially women journalists.

We  Dr. Mariwan for his participation in the Islamic dialogue and the different religious styles he organized in The westga News، also with the participation of Abu Bakr Ali، who
we thought was a successful seminar. 

We were pleased with the attention and words of Dr. Mariwan Wriya Qani، teacher Sherzad Hassan، Hiwa Qadir، to advance our work.


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