Delegation from Hungary reaffirms Budapest’s support for Peshmerga

 A senior Hungarian diplomatic and military delegation visited the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Peshmerga on Saturday and reconveyed Budapest’s support to the Kurdish force in its fight against ISIS. 

The Hungarian delegation included Hungary’s Ambassador to Baghdad, Atilla Tar, Hungary’s Consul General to Erbil, Atilla Toth, and Lieutenant General Romaleos Roseason.

They were received by the Minister of Peshmerga Shorish Ismail and several of the Peshmerga ministry’s senior advisors. 

They discussed ongoing security threats in the region and recent ISIS activities in detail.

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They also discussed the joint cooperation between the Peshmerga, the Iraqi Army, and the US-led coalition against ISIS. Iraqi and Peshmerga forces recently launched a joint operation against the militant group. 

Ismail praised the role of Hungary and its military forces in supporting the Peshmerga forces since the beginning of the war against ISIS. 

"Peshmerga forces need all sides’ support for its fight against ISIS because this war needs everyone’s cooperation,” he said. 

Roseason, and the diplomatic delegation that accompanied him, assured Ismail that the cooperation and support of Hungary to the Peshmerga forces will continue. 

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Both sides agreed that Hungarian military advisors would continue advising and training the Peshmerga at the end of the meeting. 

Hungary has provided ongoing military and political support for the Kurdistan Region, and is part of the Kurdistan Training Coordination Center (KTCC). Instructors from nine other countries – Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Sweden – also train Peshmerga in KTCC.

The KTCC was established in 2014 when the United States launched its military campaign against the so-called Islamic State and mobilized a large multinational coalition against the terrorist organization. Since then, the KTCC has trained over 45,000 Peshmerga.

Budapest has also provided millions of dollars in direct assistance to repair Christian homes, schools, and churches in Iraq and Syria.

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