Metro Center: Over 300 violations committed against journalists in Kurdistan Region


The Kurdistan Region has faced harsh criticism for its treatment of journalists over the past year as it perused "numerous cases” against journalists in the last year.

Dozens of journalists and activists have been imprisoned in Erbil during last year for many different reasons including participating in anti-government protests, spying for foreign diplomatic missions, sending sensitive information to foreign entities, and cooperating with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The rulings met with great public and foreign condemnation, as well as serious doubts about the independence of the judiciary in the Kurdistan Region.

The US, Germany, UK, and Canada condemned the decision of the court regarding the imprisonment of journalists and activists in Duhok.  

The first group to be put on trial - Sherwan Sherwani, Shvan Saeed, Ayaz Karam, Hariwan Issa, and Guhdar Zebari - were found guilty of endangering national security and sentenced to six years in jail, while several others were released earlier this year on time served


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