Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran Jennifer Gavito virtually met with a group of Iraqi Kurdistan journalists


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq and Iran Affairs Jennifer Gavito virtually met with a group of IKR journalist and made the following statement:
"As President Biden stated in his recent letter to Iraqi Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani, the United States condemns in the strongest possible terms Iran’s ballistic missile attack on Erbil.  The United States stands with the Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government and supports the sovereignty of Iraq, including the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. 
The Kurdistan Regional Government is a critical partner to the United States, and we are grateful for our close partnership through the years, including our cooperation in the ongoing campaign against ISIS.  Our deep partnership is anchored in shared democratic values, including freedom of expression.  We encourage the Kurdistan Regional Government to do more to support journalists and the public’s freedom of expression in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and continue to lead as a beacon of civil liberties in the Middle East.  The United States will continue to support the Iraqi Security Forces, including the Peshmerga, to work towards a safe, secure, and prosperous Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which the United States sees as an integral component to a stable and prosperous Iraq.
During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide fast, pray, and seek reconciliation with friends and neighbors.  This month of reflection is an opportune time to reduce tensions and de-escalate ongoing conflicts in Iraq and the surrounding region.  The United States is hopeful that this Holy Month of Ramadan will bring comfort and peace to peoples throughout Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.”


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