French program for the development of gender media

The Metro Center for the Defense of Journalists' Rights in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq organized a consultative meeting on gender and women's capacity development in the media as part of the debate on a program on gender equality in the media implemented by the French CFI in Iraq.

On Tuesday morning, the Metro Center received a delegation of French women. The Center arranged for this delegation a meeting with a group of university professors of the feminist element, in addition to journalists and civil activists in the field of women's rights. In the field of media.
The French delegation was made up of Iinkred Bertu, in charge of the Iraqi program at Sivai Agency and Shida Hissami, CFI advisor.
At the beginning of the meeting, the General Coordinator of the Metro Center, Gharib, welcomed the guests, expressing their support for the SEEFE project on gender and support for women working in Kurdistan and the Iraqi media. Aswatna with Internews as a key partner in the implementation of the project, which aims to raise the level of journalists in writing reports on gender.
Shida Husami said the aim of the delegation's visit is to work with journalists and professionals in the Kurdistan region and Iraq to spread the gender equality program and promote the role of women in the media.
She said: "I am very happy with this meeting with this group of women interested in women's problems and express their concerns." She stressed the importance of supporting and promoting women and gender equality. "To strengthen the role of the media as a way of progress and promote democracy," he said.
She stressed the importance of supporting women through the media.
On Monday, the French delegation visited the Kurdistan Regional Parliament and met with Luqman Wardi, chairman of the Committee on Culture, Civil Society, Sports and Youth, as well as Romeo Hakkari, chairman of the Committee for Social Action and the Defense of Women and Man. rights.
The French delegation hopes to meet with the Iraqi presidency and other Iraqi officials.
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