Abdul Mahdi's government does not respect the rights of protesters

With deep concern and condemnation, the Metro Center and its staff have followed developments in Baghdad and other provinces following mass demonstrations there, the use of excessive force by security forces, the killing of large numbers of wounded, and the ongoing arrests of activists. Including arresting and beating wounded protesters from hospitals.

The Metro Center strongly condemns the barbaric method used by the security forces against peaceful demonstrators, including the use of live bullets and various types of weapons, in contravention of all domestic and international human rights laws, as the articles of the Iraqi Constitution guarantee the freedom of citizens and the right of expression, including The right to demonstrate.

The Metro Center also expresses its indignation and regret at the arrest of journalists, preventing them from covering events and confiscating the tools of journalistic work, in a move not transferred to dictatorships.

Demonstrations were launched from Baghdad on Tuesday morning after calls for demonstrations on social media, but security forces mobilized in Tahrir Square used excessive and unjustified force against demonstrators, killing the martyr and more than 400 wounded. This contributed to the widespread sympathy with the demonstrators, and large numbers of demonstrators in different areas of Baghdad, in addition to the start of demonstrations in the provinces of Najaf, Dhi Qar, Diwaniyah, Missan, Babylon, Diyala and Basra. With protesters in Baghdad.

This solidarity process evolved into large demonstrations in various provinces, including Baghdad, and as a result of the use of excessive force, which amounted to the use of live bullets against demonstrators, which led to the reaction of citizens, which further escalated. Demands to reform the political system to overthrow the regime, as well as the burning of a number of government institutions.

The Iraqi government and some influential forces have accused the demonstrations of treason even before they are launched, if they are directed against those who will participate in various charges and false allegations. This indicates the government's willingness to suppress these demonstrations.

The Metro Center, in solidarity with the just demands, calls on the Iraqi government to release all detainees, allow journalists to cover events and convey facts to the public, and allow citizens the right to peaceful protest and protection, not to use force against them.

The Metro Center calls on the United Nations, as the sponsor of the political process in Iraq, as well as influential countries, to press the Iraqi government to force it to stop unlimited repression and allow citizens to express their views freely.


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