Civil Development organization (CDO) and Metro Center for journalist rights and advocacy with the financial support from US consulate in Erbil is conducting 5 training courses for minority journalists in 5 Iraqi provinces (Erbil, Sulaymanyah, Dahok, Kalar).
The course aims to build the capacity of the participants in the field of reporting, monitoring human right violation, investigate journalism, case study, sourcing stories and minority rights according to Iraqi laws and international standards. CDO and Metro Center skk for a professional international trainer to conduct the trainings

Eligibility criteria:
- Have a recognized trainer certificate, specifically in trainings journalists.
- Have at least 5 years of training experience in the field and in Iraq or Middle East.
- Speak Arabic fluently.
- Can visit Iraq easily to the location of the trainings.
- Share a Training Manuel which it can be modify or develop depends on project team guides and instruction.
- Be ready to sign the code of conduct, PSEA policy, Gender equality policy and other polices that his/her position required.

CDO and metro center will provide:
- Two-way flight tickets.
- Accommodation during the training period.
- Training fee according to the agreement that will be sign with the selected trainers.
- Training facilitation

Venue and date of the trainings
Erbil: 11 to 13 Dec 2019.
Dahok: 3 to 5 Feb 2020.
Erbil: 6 to 8 April 2020
Kalar: June 2020 the exact date to be fixed with the trainer
Sulaimanay: Aug 2020 the exact date to be fixed with the trainer