“Stage after suspect admitted to the killing of Journalist Crucial”

December 12, 2013: Metro Center for Journalists Rights and Advocacy announces finding the head of mafia who masterminded the killing the journalist Kawa Garmiani is as important as finding its perpetrator.  

Thursday marks a week after the killing of the journalist and it is the annual anniversary of his wedding. 

Metro Center for Journalists Rights and Advocacy on the first day of the crime announced, in a country where the crime of killing journalists pass without serious investigation and punishment, people will dare to attack journalists in public and in secret. It emphasizes "that group of gunmen, who killed Kawa, was sure their crime would go unpunished.”  

Khasraw Gull Muhammed, the head of the Security Apparatus in Kurdistan Region told Metro,” the suspect in the case of journalist Kawa Garmiani admitted to the killing in front of the judge of investigation in Kalar.” 
Metro Center announces the news about finding the attackers in the incident of killing the journalist Kawa Garmiani is very important and shows the willingness of the investigating unit. It emphasized,” finding the mastermind and the head of the mafia of the crime is as important as the killers.” 
 In the evening of December 05, 2013, a number of gunmen in a car stopped outside the house of the editor-in-chief of Rayal Magazine and Awene reporter in the town of Kalar and shot him. He was taken to hospital and died of his wounds.   
Kawa Garmiani had a number of cases at Metro Center, and in one of the cases he was provided with a lawyer by the Center for Legal Protection of Journalists.

 One of the cases had links with a high-ranking commander of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Metro published a statement for the public and expressed its point of view on July 25, 2012.

Kawa Muhammed, known as Kawa Garmiani, 31, was married and Thursday was the annual anniversary of his weeding. 


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