Press unions condemn PKK attack on Kurdistan 24 team

Metro, Kurdistan 24

The Metro Center for Journalists' Rights and Advocacy and the Sulaimani branch of the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate condemned the attack on Kurdistan 24's team in Sulaimani by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) supporters in a joint press conference on Wednesday. 

They emphasized that such attacks against journalists violate the principles of freedom of expression. 

They also asked the police to investigate the attack and announce the results of their investigation, noting that the incident was recorded by CCTV cameras, which should help investigators identify the perpetrators.

"We reaffirm that no one should interfere in the journalist's work or tell them how to report the event while conducting their media coverage," they stressed at the press conference. 

In a statement, the Correspondents' Rights and Development Organization also condemned the attack, warning that such actions do not serve the democratic process in the Kurdistan Region. 

"We strongly condemn the attack against the Kurdistan 24 team in Sulaimani," read the statement, adding that such attacks limit the freedom of journalists to do their work. 

The organization also thanked the security forces for their swift response and protection of the Kurdistan 24 team. 

In a statement issued following the attack on Wednesday, Kurdistan 24 said the attack against its team was an infringement on the freedom of the press.

"We would like to make it clear to everyone that Kurdistan 24 has always professionally covered events, and it will never stop its professional work in telling the truth through its media coverage," read the statement. 

Kurdistan 24 also thanked the security forces for protecting its team and the press unions for denouncing the attack.

On Wednesday evening, several PKK supporters attacked a Kurdistan 24 television team in Sulaimani province.

Kurdistan 24's Sulaimani correspondent Diyar Jamal said that PKK supporters attacked the Kurdistan 24 team while in front of the forensic medicine department in the province. The team was covering the aftermath of the murder of a restaurant owner by two unknown assailants riding a motorcycle in the city when they came under attack. 

"They tried to force us to report that Turkey was involved in the killing of the restaurant owner, even though the investigation hasn't yet been concluded," Jamal said.


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