Iraq makes fighting the climate change a priority


ater scarcity, pollution, and dust storms have made life more difficult for ordinary Iraqis.

Iraqi Environment Minister Jassim Falahi, said, 'fighting climate change is a priority for the government, especially after waves of dust severely restricted movement in the country, and sent thousands to hospital.'

'The lack of greenery, and encroachment on green areas are increasing the impact of climate change,' Falahi added.

The minister announced that tackling climate change was a top priority for the government, and its recent decisions to prevent conversion of agricultural land for residential or investment purposes were to stop the decline of greenery in the country.

Thousands of people have been hospitalized in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region since the beginning of this year with one loosing his life to a dust storm.

The country has been facing consecutive draught since 2020. A United Nations report suggest that the 2020-2021 rainfall season was the second driest in the last 40 years, caused a reduction of water flow in Tigris and Euphrates by 29% and 73% respectively. 

Turkey's controversial Ilisu Dam, has reduced fresh water in Iraq, putting millions of Iraqis living on the proximities of Tigris and Euphrates to lack fresh water.

Iraq is a country that experiences all major economic, security, political and environmental crisis simultaneously.


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